Albuquerque New Mexico

By Damian Sofsian 


Brilliant weather, enriching culture, historic monuments and places, tasteful cuisines, and exciting events and festivals, besides many other features, characterize a place called Albuquerque, New Mexico.


The largest city in New Mexico, it is a haven for both people who visit and stay there. Research shows that it is truly an excellent place to live in. Safety, clean surroundings and environment, besides the excellent sunny weather which prevails almost all the year round make living in Albuquerque a real pleasure.


For visitors too, Albuquerque has plenty to offer. Proving to be an enriching experience for all its visitors, Albuquerque has something for all to enjoy.


An ancient city with deep-rooted history spanning centuries, Albuquerque is studded with historic monuments and landmarks, which are mainly to be found at Old Town Albuquerque. KiMo Theater, Sunshine Building, and many others are some historic landmarks of the city.


For those interested in all-the-year events and activities, Albuquerque has Tricentennial Events, which divides the months, characterizing them by particular events. For example, January is celebrated as Natural History Month and hence, activities involve trips to New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, and other places. Similarly, February is Authors Month while others like August and September are for Cuisine Specialties and Albuquerque Future Path. Some package offers are also provided for visitors like Exclusive Tricentennial Packages besides others.


Apart from annual events, there are other attractions like the Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway, wineries, Petroglyph National Monument, museums like Rattlesnake museum, and many sporting events. Albuquerque hosts the Albuquerque Inter-balloon Fiesta every October, which is a truly exciting event.


For families and children, amusement centers such as Cliff’s Amusement Park, Hinkle Family Fun Center, and others exist.


Famous for its tasty cuisines, the city is filled with famous and highly acclaimed restaurants and hotels. Providing all basic and luxury amenities, hotels like Wyndham Albuquerque Airport Hotel, Hyatt Regency Albuquerque, Hilton Albuquerque, and Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown among many others hotels are perfect amalgamation of luxury, style, and southern hospitality.


Filled with amusement centers, casinos, shopping malls, exhibitions, historic landmarks, and many other monuments and activities, Albuquerque is a place for fun, frolic, learning, and enjoyment. It’s a magical place, perfect for visiting and living.


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